Google Nest Hub

We know very little about what Google has planned for the future of Android. Maybe the company has to end up going around the dictionary and look for other names of sweets with which to continue baptizing the new versions of the system, or Fuchsia may end up replacing all Google platforms and become the only operating system that many They have been waiting for years. What we do know, is that whatever these plans are, the Google Assistant will be the nucleus responsible for bringing together the company’s services in the same ecosystem.

Ecosystem that, on the other hand, will be full of devices of different categories. After all, Google is doing everything possible to bring its virtual assistant to all kinds of gadgets from mobile phones, tablets and computers to speakers, headphones, televisions and even a totally new concept such as smart screens like the Google Nest Hub, known until not too long ago as Home Hub.

After a first launch in October last year, and a recent expansion by markets beyond the US, Google’s Nest Hub smart screen now comes to our test table, to try to explain the reasons why someone might need in your life a smart speaker attached to a 7-inch screen.

Those who are already familiar with the analysis format of Andro4all, you will know that normally we separate this type of articles in two parts: «The Best» and «The Worst». However, given that Google’s Nest Hub means the arrival of a completely new type of device, it is necessary to dedicate a few lines to see what this smart screen can do for us, before moving on to see its advantages and disadvantages.

Broadly speaking, Google Nest Hub is a Google Home Mini attached to a 7-inch screen. Therefore, with this device we can do everything that can be done with a Google Home or Home Mini, from making inquiries and obtaining information on specific issues, to controlling the devices of our smart home using only the voice.

However, since the operating system integrated in Google Nest Hub is based on the Google Cast platform, it is also possible to use the screen to send content or play multimedia as if it were a television associated with a Google Chromecast. Only smaller and with a lower resolution screen.

By configuring the smart screen for the first time through the Google Home app, other features of this device are also detailed. One of them is the possibility of making voice calls through services such as Google Duo. However, this also leads us to think about what can not be done with Nest Hub, because for reasons of privacy, Google has decided not to include a camera on this smart screen. Therefore, the possibility of making video calls that we would find in other similar devices like Amazon Echo Show is lost.

But perhaps the best thing about having a device that bases its utility solely and exclusively on the Google Assistant, is that since the software is constantly evolving, at no time do new functions fail to take advantage of the screen. .

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