Mate X, a foldable option from Huawei

We already have information regarding the launch date of Huawei Mate X, the device with folding screen of the Chinese firm that was originally delayed but could see the light during this same summer, say those responsible.

After the veto of Google to Huawei and other so many problems that the Chinese company is suffering in recent weeks, the Huawei Mate X was delayed until further notice, thus giving green light to Samsung for its Galaxy Fold.

Despite the announcement of the delay of the Huawei Mate X a few days ago, now the president of the Western European region of Huawei, Vincent Pang, told Techradar that «the device will arrive in September at long last. Probably before, but definitely September is guaranteed. «

In addition, the Huawei Mate X will come with serial Android, surprising in view of the Google block. Apparently, as the device was announced and certified before the Google veto, the phone does not have such a ban, which can offer Android without any problem.

The Huawei executive points out that Mate X will be available in any country that has 5G service, except in the United States. Interestingly, from Huawei clarifies that the delay of the output of this device has nothing to do with the US ban, and that they have delayed to ensure that the screen of Mate X would not have the same problems as the Samsung device.

As a reminder, the Huawei Mate X will open outward offering a 6.6-inch front panel with a resolution of 1148 × 2480 px, while the rear panel will be 6.4 inches at a resolution of 892 × 2480 px. Being fully open, the device offers an eight-inch panel with a resolution of 2200 × 2480 px. Inside it will carry the Kirin 980 processor, 8GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage that will be expandable.

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