Samsung Note 10 leak

One of the most repeated rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is that it would be a terminal without physical buttons, or at least they would be reduced to the minimum expression, avoiding including any type of physical button for the most common tasks, such as turning on and off the terminal, invoke the voice assistant or control the volume.

However, a new report confirms that the terminal will have the traditional physical keys of ignition and volume, although it remains on the way the key dedicated to Bixby, the voice assistant of Samsung. According to Android Police, the company’s first plans were to eliminate the buttons effectively, but at some point in the development of the phone the company changed its mind due to unknown issues.

However, although Samsung is going to keep the buttons in the imminent presentation Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which is expected for early August, everything seems to indicate that the company would eliminate the audio jack permanently, delegating sound transmission outside the terminal through the USB-C port or through the use of wireless headphones.

Anyway, in little more than a month we will leave doubts when the company presents all the news of its new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phablet.

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