DJI announced the Osmo Mobile 3

DJI, the world leader in creative camera technology, today announced the latest addition to the renowned Osmo series, the Osmo Mobile 3, a portable and foldable stabilizer for mobile phones. Based on a long tradition of creating leading gimbals in its class for both air and land purposes, Osmo Mobile 3 is the culmination of DJI technology in a reflective design. Osmo Mobile 3 is the ideal companion for all life adventures thanks to its lightness and ease of use.

Users can capture ultra-stable video images and unique content using smart features programmed in the latest version of the DJI Mimo application. The intuitive design and functionality of Osmo Mobile 3 simplify operation and adjustments.

Always get ready to capture high-quality photos and videos with Osmo Mobile 3 thanks to its foldable design, which makes it highly portable. The new Osmo Mobile 3 is easy to handle and pack without worrying about taking up too much space. This ultra-compact mobile phone stabilizer reimagines the Osmo Mobile concept with a completely new design, as well as locking mechanisms to ensure easy transport when traveling. With the ability to quickly deploy and mount a mobile phone, in addition to 15 hours of battery life, users are sure that they will never miss the most memorable moments in life.

Osmo Mobile 3 is not only foldable, but its new design makes its operation extremely efficient, with vital controls that can be operated with one hand. Thanks to the comfortable buttons located on the handle, users can control the movement of the gimbal and access useful functions with ease. Quick Roll rotates the orientation from vertical to horizontal by pressing the Mode button (M) twice without removing the mobile device.

The redesigned shape no longer obstructs the charging and audio ports, allowing an easy connection to charge the device or use external microphones. A trigger helps to maneuver the gimbal by blocking the orientation, turning the gimbal to select, and even re-centering it when following a subject. Using ActiveTrack, users can press the shutter button once, and Osmo Mobile 3 will begin tracking while keeping the subject centered within the frame. Zoom in and out with the dedicated zoom on the side of the stabilizer without touching the screen of the mobile device, which makes content capture less complicated. In addition, users have the option to customize the zoom speed according to their personal preferences.

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