GameShell, by ClockworkPI, has arrived

ClockworkPi has announced a new console, the GameShell. This console has as its main feature the opportunity to program for it, modify it thanks to its open source. If programming is not your thing, you can still enjoy Game Boy, Atari and PlayStation 1 games.

With a retro look that refers us to the 1989 Game Boy, it can be purchased in red, yellow or gray. It has a 2.7-inch screen and HDMI output to send the image to a screen. Thanks to the integrated Linux operating system, it is possible to connect a keyboard and mouse, either by Bluethooth or OTG.

Since last year the proposal was launched in Kickstarter seeking to collect USD $ 50,000, the console got very good reviews and exceeded the task, almost reaching USD $ 300,000. Nowadays it is available to buy on Amazon for USD $ 139.

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