Spectacles 3, Snapchat mejora sus gafas

Snap Inc. will launch the third edition of Spectacles next fall, its camera sunglasses. The company warns that it will be a limited edition, with a production well below the 200,000 units that were made of the first glasses.

With the price, however, the opposite will happen. While the first edition was sold for $ 129.99, and the second generation had a slightly higher cost of $ 149.99, it is known that Spectacles 3 is available in advance sale for an amount of 370 euros.

The «3» of Spectacles 3 represents the version number, but it could also mean 3D, because the device’s dual HD camera has been designed to capture depth and dimension in the same way that the human eye does, adding depth and helping to enhance new 3D effects in the Snapchat messaging application. It also allows augmented reality objects to interact with those in the real world.

According to the company, Snaps captured using Spectacles 3 transfer without problems, in HD, to the Snapchat Memories section, where users can add lighting, landscapes and other effects. Snaps can also be exported to the image gallery in circular, horizontal, square and virtual reality formats to save, edit, share and view again.

The glasses have a sturdy and light weight steel frame, with circular lenses and adjustable acetate temples, and are available in two designs: carbon (monochromatic black with a semi-matte finish and bright details) and mineral (described by Snap as » a tone inspired by the color of makeup with golden motifs «). The leather charger case can store up to four charges and comes with a standard USB-C cable. Spectacles 3 also includes a 3D viewer.

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