Symfonisk, Ikea/Sonos new smart speaker

Sonos and Ikea have teamed up to launch a line of connected speakers that include a table lamp and a bookcase. Both devices connect to the WiFi, can be controlled by an application and allow users to play music from their favorite service like Spotify or Apple Music. The lamp and bookshelf, part of a line called ‘Symfonisk’, are priced at $ 179 USD and $ 99 USD, respectively, and are expected to be available for purchase in August 2019.

While both devices are priced within the same affordable range found in Ikea products, they include the high quality of any other Sonos speaker. The lamp and bookshelf have approximately the same audio quality as the Sonos Play One speaker. Both are equipped with two digital amplifiers, a tweeter and a medium bass speaker inside. Unlike other connected speakers, the Symfonisk line is designed to blend with other decoration so that users can «decorate with sound.»

The shelving can be used in several different ways. It can serve as a book stand, placed on each side of a stack of books, or attached to the wall, with users able to place items on it.

Once connected to WiFi, users control any of the speakers using the Sonos application. While they don’t have a built-in voice assistant, users can control them with Siri, since the speakers are compatible with AirPlay 2. However, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant users are still out of luck. Both devices can be paired with an existing Sonos audio configuration, such as Playbase, Playbar or Sonos Beam. Nor is it the first time Ikea enters the connected furniture market. Previously, the Swedish household goods company launched wireless charging platforms, as well as furniture equipped with wireless charging.

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